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Grass Text Effect in Photoshop

This lesson I’ll teach you is about creating a grass text by using Photoshop. This text effect is quite easy because there’s a technique to create a grass text on what’s the final result. We’ll be tricky of using of Work Path of Pen Tool, making a selection of text withoout using of tools and using of Layer Mask. Lets get started!

Tutorial Details
  • Apps Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6
  • Difficulty: Beginners
  • Estimated Completion Time: 30 minutes

This is the final result.

grass text effect

Step 1.

Open a soil image.

Step 2.

Type 'Grass'.

Use Horizontal Type Tool (T on your keyboard) and type ‘Grass’.


The Font Style is Copper Std and the size is 400.79 pt.

Step 3.

Apply the grass image to the text.

Open and place the image like on the screenshot. You can adjust it by the help of Free Transform (Ctrl + T or go to EDIT and choose Free Transform). With this process you can adjust the image whatever you want.


I need to make a selection of the text and make a erase to make a figure of text. To do that, click the thumbnail of the text layer in the layer’s list and just click the Layer Mask. The result should be looks like of the Step Preview.


Step 4.

Make a Work Path.

To make a path of the Pen Tool (P on your keyboard), We dont have to trace the text to make path. I have simple things here to make it easy. Just make a selection again by pressing the thumbnail of the text layer. Use Tools having a Work Path option just like (Quick Selection Tool and Magic Wand Tool (Q on your keyboard) ,Lasso Tools (L on your keyboard), and Marquee Tools (M on your keyboard). Use One of them and make a right click and choose MAKE WORK PATH then adjust the Tolerance of the Work Path to 1.0 pixels.

Step 5.

Adjustment in Eraser Tool.

Choose Dune Grass Brush and go to Brush (F5 on your keyboard or Windows then choose Brush). Follow what I adjust in Shape Dynamics and Scattering like on the screenshot.
In shape Dynamics


and in Scattering (click the Smoothing).


Step 6.

Make a Stroke in Pen Tool.

This is the time to make an erase of the path. Use now the Pen Tool (P on your keyboard) then right click and choose Stroke Path (Choose Eraser in the Tool). With this process, Stroke path will make a stroke on the path. It’s makes me easy to erase to make a single edges of the grass. At first, the stroke is in low opacity but try it again and again to make a clear edges of the grass. Just take a look of the screenshot.


Can you see the difference? Just press ESC on your keyboard twice to unhide the Path of Pen Tool.

Step 7.

Create a Shadow.

Double click the layer and choose Drop Shadow. Just follow what I’ve adjust.


That’s all folks! Thank you for reading my tutorial. I hope this will be hepful to you. Have a nice day!

About the author: Photoshop Artist and tutor @ DesignersTuts. Willing to Share Knowledge and Inspiration through this Blog.

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