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Camera 360 Photo Effect in Photoshop

Since android is released, many of us now installed and using Camera 360 App. It is one of the best and popular Photo editing software. So here in this tutorial, I will show you on how to make a Camera 360 Photo Effect in Photoshop. I will teach you how to change the color of the lips, smoothen the skin and whiten it. So what are you waiting for? Lets gets started!

Tutorial Details
  • Apps Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Estimated Completion Time: 15 minutes

This is the final result.

		Camera 360 Photo Effect in Photoshop

Step 1.

Open your raw image

This image that I will use for tis tutorial is owned by NerySoul that can be download in Deviantart.

Step 2.

Convert the layer into Smart Object and adjust in Surface Blur

In this process, we need to convert the layer into Smart Object. To convert it, just click the layer (right click) and choose CONVERT TO SMART OBJECT. Then right after that, lets adjust in Surface that let the image blur and giving a good result to smoothen the skin. So go in Filter > Blur > Surface Blur and follow what I’ve adjust.


Adjust the Radius to 10px and 7 levels in Threshold then the result is the step preview above.


  • Ut’s up to you on how you handle the adjustment to make a good result.

Step 3.

Create a new layer and use Brush Tool

To create a new layer, just hit button between of delete icon and folder icon or press Ctrl + Shift + N. Then rename it “Orange“.


Use Brush Tool (B for keyboard shortcut) and choose color #ff6c00 in the Color Picker then make a brush like what I did on the screenshot below.



  • Use Zoom Tool (Z for keyboard shortcut) to zoom in.

Use the Brush Tool in the following settings:

  • Opacity: 48%
  • Flow: 44%
  • Size: 10 px
  • Hardness: 0%

Then change the Blend mode of the layer in SOFT LIGHT and the result is the step preview.

Step 4.

Time to whiten the skin

Use Solid Color in the adjustment layer (it is in Layer’s Panel and between of Layer Mask and Folder’s icon) and choose #ffffff (White) then change the Blend Mode to SOFT LIGHT.


Duplicate the adjustment layer twice (Ctrl/Cmd + J) and activate them by pressing Ctrl on your keyboard then press Ctrl + G to group them (rename the folder “ Whitening“).


Choose SOFT LIGHT in the Blend Mode and modfi the opacity to 25% then use Layer Mask.


Use Brush Tool (B for keyboard shortcut) and make a brush in hair and dress.

Use Brush tool in the following settings:

  • Opacity: 100%
  • Flow: 68%
  • It’s up to you on how you handle the Brush size.

There we have it! we apply all things to create a Camera 360 Effect in Photoshop. Thank you for following this tutorial and I hope you learn a lot on what I taught here. If you love this, you have a freedom to LIKE and SHARE by pressing the buttons below and also you can SUBSCRIBE us to give you an update of the latest ADOBE Photoshop news, tutorials and inspiration.

About the author: Photoshop Artist and tutor @ DesignersTuts. Willing to Share Knowledge and Inspiration through this Blog.

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